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What is a chronotype?

2017 Nobel-Prize winning science reveals that each of us has an optimal time to fall asleep and wake up, and a biologically determined circadian rhythm known as a “chronotype.”

Your chronotype governs the peaks and dips you experience in your daily energy levels, when you are most focused, when you are most creative, and a host of other performance-related variables.

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Example average energy daily profile

The different chronotypes

20-25% of the population
Tim Cook
CEO - Apple
Michelle Obama
Former First Lady
50%+ of population
Ariana Huffington
John Legend
15-20% of the population
Alexis Ohanian
Founder of Reddit
Aaron Levie
CEO - Box

Curious what your biological chronotype is?

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People making changes to their workflow and daily schedule based on their biological chronotype

“I used to try to be productive in the morning, forcing myself to do the hard thing when it didn’t make sense. Now I wake up later, my productivity and efficiency are up, and I don’t feel guilty"
David Liu, Product Manager
“When I stopped fighting my biology, I was able to get the bulk of my deep work done each day in just a couple hours”
Andrew Price, Product Manager
“Two massive realizations for me were that I am capable of being highly, highly productive (when I don’t waste my peak hours) and that I can use my less productive time preparing for and supporting the highly effective time”
Gilead Sciences
Adam Straubel, Senior Finance Manager